2023 3rd International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Information Engineering (ECIE 2023)
Dr. Chonghua Fang

Research experience:

Traditional and quantum radar scattering

Theoretical and experimental study of electromagnetic compatibility and environment 


Speech title:  

The Simulation and Analysis of Quantum Radar Cross Section 


Quantum radar offers the prospect of detecting, identifying, and resolving RF stealth platforms and weapons systems, but the corresponding quantum radar cross section (QRCS) simulation is restricted-almost all existing methods can only be used for the two-dimensional (2-D) targets, not the 3-D targets even for convex targets. We propose a novel method that can deal with the calculation of the orthogonal projected area (A ⊥ ) of the target in each incidence, which is the key part of QRCS simulation for the arbitrary 3-D convex target. To the best of our knowledge, this has not been reported before. In this report, we introduce a three-step computation process of (A ⊥ ), and verified the method for typical 2-D targets. Finally, we show some results for typical 3-D convex targets and compared the QRCS with classical radar cross section (CRCS). Meanwhile, we analyze the superposition of quantum effect of side lobes which means a kind of novel quantum phenomena.